Version 3.1.4 For MacOS X

News: Amplify 3 has been tested with MacOS 10.4, and works fine!

Amplify is a freeware Macintosh program for simulating and testing polymerase chain reactions (PCRs). It can also be used as a tool for designing primers by evaluating candidates. If you don't know what all this means, then you have no use for Amplify.

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FAQ Version History

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Amplify 3 FAQ
What is Amplify? It's a program to simulate the polymerase chain reaction. You specify a target sequence and primers, and it predicts the result. It's useful for planning experiments, testing primers and teaching about PCR.

Amplify draws a diagram of the predicted results showing all expected primer matches and amplified fragments. Clicking on any of these objects gives additional information about them.

Is there a manual? No, but there is plenty of online help. Just click on any question mark icon to see a window explaining the feature closest to the icon.
Can I run the current version of Amplify on my Windows machine? You could invistigate the use of an Mac emulator, but there is no guarantee that it would work for Amplify. Also, perhaps your lab would consider purchasing the new "Mac Mini" which is quite inexpensive. In fact, the Mac Mini probably costs less than you would expect to pay for software like Amplify if it were commercial.
Do you plan to write a version of Amplify 3 for Windows? It's possible, but I have not decided yet. Testing and debugging it would be awkward for me, since I do all my work on a Mac. However, if I ever do a Windows version, I'll post it on this web site.
Amplify 3 version history
3.0 January 2005 Initial release
3.0.1 February 2005
  • Fixed crash on attempting to use primers longer than 50 bases in length (Thanks, Markus Winter)
  • Expanded some "Help" screens
  • Improved function of buttons in Primer window
3.1 April 2005
  • Added ability to print target sequence
  • Added "Page Setup" menu to Amplification window to allow printing in landscape mode and printing on different size paper.
  • Added options in Primer Window for selecting all primers or deselecting all.
  • Incorporated a new and faster algorithm for formatting the target sequence.
  • Fixed "Save" command in Primer window. (It now works!)
  • Attempting to print an amplification map in which there are no amplified fragments no longer results in an erroneous "Out Of Memory" error.
  • Fixed "Quit" command.
  • Fixed window size feature so that windows won't appear off-screen when a Prefs file is moved from a computer with a large screen to one with a smaller one.
3.1.1 April 2005
  • Fixed bug so that "Cancel" can be selected from the Print menu
3.1.2 April 2005
  • Fixed bug in copying primers so that multiple primers can be copied or cut
  • Renamed popup menu to "Mark" and added ability to mark selected primers, etc.
  • "Live" scrolling is now available in target sequence window.
  • Primer list now has "Select All"
  • Another bug in the "Quit" command squashed
3.1.3 May 2005
  • Added a "Close" menu item for closing windows
  • Searching in the primer list now has a "Find All" button to simultaneously select all primers that match the search pattern. This group can then be copied, cut, marked, etc.
  • The info line in the Amplification Map now continuously shows the map position of your cursor
  • Fixed bug in target window where info bar failed to update when selection is changed by the amplification window.
  • Amplification window now shows the range of a fragment when the cursor is placed over that fragment.
3.1.4 June 2005
  • The primer window is now shown after opening a new primer file. (Previously it wouldn't show automatically if it had been hidden.)
  • Online help expanded
  • Preferences now include the option of disabling live scrolling in the targeet sequence window. (Useful if you have a very slow computer that can't handle live scrolling.)